Business consulting services

We strategize, advise, design, develop and integrate optimized technology-based solutions - getting you closer to your customers, your data and your content.

Customer Specializations

We bring insight, structure, process and a data-informed approach to customer-driven decisions and technology.
Our Salesforce practice is driven by consultants who are deep domain experts, passionate about delivery and know how to leverage Salesforce and its ecosystem in a way that delivers utmost business value. We can customize or integrate any existing systems or expand your platform into web and mobile experiences that connect directly to your Salesforce system. You will see improved processes that standarize customer and prospect management while providing a wide range of options for driving improved customer engagement and increased sales.

We drive the entire process of bringing new products to the market from conception, prototyping, development and testing to distribution and commercialization. We also manage products in market for optimization and on going development.

A flawless customer experience starts with in-depth Product Analytics. We use data to optimize your content and acquisition/retention campaigns based on usage, behavioral data and more. Our analytics experts use proven strategies to implement and analyze user funnels to convert and retain customers. We also implement data governance and designs processes to ensure privacy compliance and consistency across all platforms
We leverage Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to capture and organize your customer data regardless of source. We can then integrate that data with virtually any other platforms and marketing systems to enable marketing automation, true content personalization and ad targeting.
We help you gain a better understanding of your customers by developing a streamlined and secure account creation and authentication process through Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Leveraging leading technology to reduce user friction and churn, we ensure your customers will feel comfortable providing sensitive information when and where you need it. Because we understand performance is critical, we develop robust backend solutions that can handle heavy traffic with ease.
We work collaboratevly with all business stakeholders and end users to design and deliver effective UX/UI solutions with flawless experiences to ensure customer satisfaction and business goal alignment. Our UX/UI specialization includes conducting a competitive analysis to understand your market and UX/UI trends. We’ll develop personas and user journeys and create product comps and prototypes to help you visualize end-products before investing fully in development.
Your customer privacy is more important than ever in this online world. OnPrem closely follows the evolving privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and develops efficient business processes and technology solutions that ensure compliance. Additionally, our data architecture and flows give you easy access and management of your data to ensure privacy is maintained throughout your business.
OnPrem digital experts implement marketing and advertising technology that ensures your content reaches the right person at the right time, every time with clear, measurable ROI. We help connect disparate systems such as your Digital Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Data platforms and campaign and marketing resource managment soultions. As a result, you will have streamlined marketing processes, improved delivery of content and new task automation that saves time and money. You will also have access to better data analytics so that you can make informed decisions for more effect marketing initiatives.

Content specializations

We optimize digital content processes, tools and organizations from creation through management and distribution to efficiently deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.
OnPrem has extensive services to help you build and maintain a modern Digital Media Supply Chain (DMSC) which includes the full suite of technology, processes and governance for managing content from creation to consumption. We can help you identify the maturity of your current DMSC including DAM, CMS, MDM automated content, processing, distribution, workflows, streaming services and more. Your new, modern DMSC will elevate your business beyond competition to drive business growth.
We will help you save costs, improve efficiency and streamline your asset management processes. Our expertise runs deep with Digital Asset Management (DAM) and we have perfected the science of evaluating, configuring, customizing and integrating DAMs to meet every business need. The result? You will deliver consistent, personalized digital assets that speak to your customers at the right time, every time for a flawless experience.
We have expertise in working with custom and packaged content management systems (CMS). We can improve your CMS functionality and streamline processes for content creation, editing, user access/security, version history, search, indexing and more. The result is an optimized CMS ready for any use case that will help you publish content faster and easier.
OnPrem offers expertise in content workflow and distribution with process mapping, tech implementation and automation. You’ll experience better workflows for content markups, annotations, comments and approvals. Plus we can implement file acceleration tools that dramatically speed uploads/downloads to save time and money.
Your data and content can be a target for cyberthreats especially while in storage or transit. Our content security practice and solution implementations ensure your business is safeguarded against those threats for content peace of mind.
We are a leader in the definition of rights related processes. Our specializations include evaluation and selection of rights management solutions and deployment of integrated, automated rights systems. Our experience starts at understanding availability of content and extends through the defining and approving of a deal, contract management and servicing, statement compliance, revenue recognition and collections. Our solutions for content owners and licensees enable best-in-class rights management for any business or industry.

Data Specializations

We help you leverage data to optimize business process, and drive the customer experience and journey.
Our Data and Analytics practice can take disparate databases from multiple systems and deliver the ETL/ELT functions of extract, transform and load. These three database functions are combined into one tool to pull data out of one database and move it into another for streamlined data access.
When it comes to data insights, we deliver in-depth visualization tools that give you the precise information you need to monitor KPIs and performance metrics. From executive dashboards to real-time interactive graphics, we’ll give you the tools you need to report the information most critical to measuring success.
Quality assurance is paramount to the trustworthiness of your data. That’s why OnPrem implements industry-leading governance systems to ensure that your data on operation optimization, new product information and future decisions is consistent and reliable.
At OnPrem we can build an infrastructure that enables your entire enterprise to link all critical data into one Master Data Management (MDM) file to provide a common point of reference. Plus, we give you complete control of information required to market and sell your products through any channel with a complete Product Information Management (PIM) system.
We develop ingenious Artificial Intelligence systems that integrate into your marketing and media workflows including metadata generation through machine vision and other cognitive services. This can includes cutting-edge machine learning that helps your systems learn for themselves. You’ll experience a measurable Digital Supply Chain Acceleration through optimized processes and techniques for importing, tagging, categorizing, distributing, marketing and monetizing your digital assets.