Data Analytics Consulting

Data is the undisputable resource toward understand your customers and the performance of your business

The most critical part of using your data is being able to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

We can help you

improve the efficiency and quality of your decision-making with cutting-edge technology applied to a data-driven approach.

As organizations move through the process of focusing on becoming data-driven, they move through several phases of effort. OnPrem can assist in various ways in each phase, and we can mix and match the specific items in each phase as needed for any given project.

Strategy and Planning​

• Analysis of the market and product landscape.
• Tailored technology suggestions and effort estimations

• Assessment of data culture, people, processes and policy
• Explore current data auditing and adoption capabilities
• Identify steps to ensure data quality and security

• Holistically confirm strategy and ecosystem harmonization
• Create realistic plan including critical goals, milestones, risks, roadblocks measured in specific time
• Establish technology ratification and drive organizational motivation and acceptance
• Implement end-to-end data management and data visualization solutions

Data Management​

• Evaluation and documentation of current state architecture and ingest, transformation, and analytics status

• Data architecture design and prototyping, blending best practices with specific organizational needs and values

• Identification of current and potential future data sources

• Data pipeline appraisal, enhancements or creation

• Data transformation and load table architecture

• CI/CD pipeline development and automation

•  Implementation of advanced and efficient data warehouse models

•  Data storage performance tuning on volume & concurrency

• Creation or optimization of master data management (MDM)

• Extensive audit of data quality, systems and adoption

Analytics and Visualization

• Requirements gathering and scope definition, including KPI and performance metric design

• Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics differentiation

• Initial data profiling and validation

• User-driven wireframing and prototyping of visualizations

• Agile/iterative development of analytics and visualizations

• Detailed documentation and feedback on data quality, ingest, and modeling issues

• Ongoing examination of human versus machine-consumable output formats and analytics pipeline design and adjustments as necessary

• Execution of both automated (CI/CD) and manual testing (UAT) as necessary

• Extensive knowledge transfer and documentation for handoff

We have expertise and abilities in a wide range of analytics-related technologies.

Our vision for next-generation analytics platforms centers around loading and centralizing data into cloud-based data warehousing platforms such as Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift, and using modern data visualization tools to produce actionable analytics from this data. Our “focus” technologies are oriented around this next-generation data stack. In addition, we have a wide range of additional technologies that we can assist with which are commonly present in enterprises.

Whatever Data and Analytics needs you may have, we are ready to partner with you to help you utilize cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and quality decision making.
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