Innovation & Software Development Center

We make Software Development easier.

It’s no secret that building software is challenging. It’s a fast paced industry, rampant with innovation which unfortunately leads to continuous change, unfamiliar technology and a marketplace where it’s hard to find the right talent.

That’s where we fit in.

We use modern technologies to solve complex business problems where an offshore model would not be successful.

A lot of companies today use offshore developers when building software solutions. Though this approach can work with well defined and repeatable processes, it’s typically met with significant delays, budget overages and even project cancellations when faced with new business challenges.

We have built our Innovation Development Center (IDC) in Austin TX, centrally located to allow real-time interactions with our clients and in the heart of the fastest growing tech hub in the country. The difference is clear.

We’re highly collaborative.

Collaboration and high quality talent is critical to the success of any project and is core to the IDC.

We collaborate with you from the initial project estimation process, team & milestone planning, all the way through delivery. You will always have a voice in the process and we work hard to add expertise, focus and continuity with our team.

We believe that best products and services are realized by tight-knit teams aligned to a shared purpose and understanding. Our goal is to create the smallest possible team that will ensure a successful outcome.

We focus on continuous improvement

We have built a culture that attracts, grows and retains top talent and is optimized to provide the best value for our clients.

We believe in feedback loops and continuous improvement; so much so, we try to incorporate them in every aspect of our work. Code Reviews, Stand-ups and Retrospectives are just a few that we find lead to successful teams which excel together.

We bring expertise to the table but thrive on learning about your business and adapting our process with yours. our focus on Media & Entertainment and Consumer Products domains give us an advantage across projects; we onboard quickly. We’re familiar with your industry challenges, have built accelerators for quick onboarding and specialize in the technologies you need help with.

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Our company culture sets us apart. We’re the team you want to be on, and who you want on your team.
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