IP and Rights Management

We help you protect your IP and give you the tools to monetize your content​​

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property and building a robust rights management system, we have proven methodology rooted in Media and Entertainment and consumer package goods that defines the OnPrem difference.

We are a leader

in IP and rights optimization because we follow an open book practice that focuses on partnership and deep collaboration on every project. That means when we lead your rights management implementation and tool customization, you’ll have clear insight into the benefits of that work and how it will ensure success for your business now and in the future.

Understanding the content optimization and rights management landscape is key to understanding where and how our approach brings value.

We can help you build a mature rights management ecosystem that offers immediate results:
The Rights Management Journey
It can be difficult to determine the maturity of your IP and Rights Management system. We can help you identify where you are today, and help you build a more mature model for tomorrow.

When you follow the OnPrem Rights Management Model, you will see tangible benefits:

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