Program Management / PMO

We help your business reach its full potential

We work with you to create, maintain, and evolve the way you work so you can iterate faster, scale larger, and focus your organization’s goals towards effective and on time delivery of your key initiatives with an emphasis on servant leadership.

Our focus – people, process, results.

Program/Project Management and Process Transformation

We can help you to create and implement a well defined governance structure to ensure your new organization is setup to reach its full potential. We work with your team to define the KPIs most important to your business, establish roles and responsibilities, create measurable agile processes, and coach towards adoption and transparency via an actionable milestone driven plan. We tailor our approach using a holistic perspective that starts and ends with what drives the success of your company – its people.
Processes must continuously evolve with the changing needs of your business. We can help your organization adapt with our proven methodology of deep diving into your current state operations, setting up an open environment for identifying key pain points and road blocks, and establishing an actionable artifact driven path forward. We’ll work together to help you implement these changes in a way that allows you to easily maintain and measure results.
Our collaborative management philosophy allows us to come into any strategic or tactical project with a servant leadership focus to understand your needs, establish key structures, timelines, and KPIs with a goal of rallying your team together through accountability and a single-minded focus towards the end goal of getting the job done while building strong team bonds. Whether it be implementing a new system, running a new process, or helping to manage your next product launch, we’ll be there to manage your initiative from start to finish.
We take the time to understand your organization’s needs and figure out a path forward to implementing the best fitting methodologies, ceremonies, and structure to help you execute iteratively, scale faster, and run leaner. We’ll be there to collaboratively design and create the optimal goal based plan and work collaboratively to coach your teams towards an agile mindset to help your organization evolve to reach your desired goals.
We pride ourselves in being able to understand business needs and match them with the proper tool set to help organizations excel in facilitating process and productivity improvements with measurable results. With years of experience utilizing a wide range of solution offerings and our in depth evaluation methodology, we can translate your requirements into scorecards and recommendations, facilitate vendor negotiations, and configure your new acquisition so your teams can focus on what they do best without worrying about what they need to get it done.
Change is hard. We work side by side with you as collaborative coaches, mentors, and educators during the change process. Whether it be a new system, process, or methodology, our approach is to work with all levels of an organization to customize and implement a milestone based plan covering communication, training, and tactical goal setting to help your organization adapt and answer the who, what, where, why, and how – creating cohesive buy in and adoption by all involved.
We hit the ground running to understand your key business needs, drivers, and success criteria to shape, manage, and deliver against an actionable roadmap. Our work is based on agile development practices, collaborative ideation, iterative agility, and KPI driven results. Our goal is to help get your B2B or B2C product out to market quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly – letting you focus on the core business aspects that will help elevate your team to the next level.
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