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Our Consultants partner directly with clients to solve their toughest challenges.

Think bigger

Our consultants strategize, advise, design, develop, and integrate cutting edge tech solutions. We specialize in digital solutions connecting disparate parts of an organization. 

We started with companies in the Communications, Media and Technology industries but have continued to grow. Given the proliferation of content being created, managed and distributed by companies in every industry, it’s easy to see how our experience translates.

DAM Solution​

We've performed and end-to-end, content creation through distribution assessment of a Digital Asset Management system landscape for a major studio.

Personalized Messaging

We've implemented omnichannel personalized messaging for a major TV broadcaster, maximizing viewer engagement and retention.

Streaming App

We've managed ground-up development and feature development for streaming apps on ALL major smart phone platforms.

Think differently

When you succeed, OnPrem succeeds. We are invested in our team’s growth through a blend of on-the-job training, one-on-one mentorship, independent learning, and team-led professional development sessions to take advantage of our shared expertise and experience and support a fulfilling career at OnPrem. 

Beyond the career you will start here and the technologies you will learn, is the network and community you will build. Through our recurring leadership chats, company events, community groups and internal initiatives, you have so many ways to find your place to thrive. 

Customer Portal

We've developed a custom user portal that utilizes and intuitive and elegant user experience at a major Consumer Products organization.

Contract Management

We've built and fully implemented a custom Contract Management Solution that enabled more efficient licensee forecast consolidatoin.

AI & Machine Learning

We've partnered with our client to develop automated personalized marketing assets leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learn from the best

We partner with the top technology platforms to stay on the cutting edge, develop our talent and ultimately bring the best, most innovative solutions. 
Additionally, we curate and develop training to support career transitions and build technical depth. These training programs offer a blend of in-person and virtual guided learning.
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