Entry-Level Professionals

Kickstart your career working with the best clients, developing expertise and having fun along the way.

Learn from the best

Your journey begins with our new hire bootcamp where analysts, engineers, and those new to consulting from all across OnPrem come together to learn, implement, and build foundational consulting skills, taught by our experts in the field. 

After bootcamp the learning continues through a blend of on-the-job training, one-on-one mentorship, independent learning, and team-led professional development sessions.

Business Intelligence​

We've implemented a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution, creating a single source of truth for data from disparate systems.

Digital Distribution​

We've designed and implemented an innovative approach for managing and distributing digital content within a major studio.

Machine Learning​

We've developed a Machine Learning strategy for a major sport's league's content digitization process.

On the job

We think there is no better way to learn than by doing – joining high powered teams partnering with the best clients to solve their toughest challenges. At OnPrem you won’t sit back and watch, our new hires play a key role supporting their project teams, learning by doing and accelerating their learning.

All of our Analysts start out as generalists, getting a well rounded experience prior to choosing to focus and hone their skills within a particular specializations.

Content Servicing​

We've created a content servicing capacity planning model for a high-profile video streaming service.

Contract Management

We've built and fully implemented a custom Contract Management Solution that enabled more efficient licensee forecast consolidation.

Facial Recognition

We've designed, developed and deployed a facial recognition portal for a major Media & Entertainment company.

Find your community

Beyond the career you will start and the technologies you will learn, is the network and community you will build. Through our recurring leadership chats, company events, community groups and internal initiatives, you have so many ways to find your place to thrive. 

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