Our Plan of Action

We will continue to fight against unconscious biases and marketplace injustices that are perpetuated out of convenience.

We are ensuring intersectional representation across all future hiring.

Compensation and Promotions – We are bringing in experts to advise on our existing practice of ensuring no unconscious bias exists in our compensation and promotion practices.

Equity Programs – We will implement mentorship and training programs focused on equity to ensure opportunities to succeed. We will enlist outside resources to guide us and identify additional programs.

Support and Education – We will create additional employee resource groups to continue to support and educate each other.

Matching – We are currently matching any donation made by any team member to organizations working towards a more just and inclusive world.

OnPrem’s partners are donating towards causes that address long term solutions that impact socio-economic, legislative, and enforcement inequities. Focus areas include:

  • Economic disparity
  • Electorate representation
  • Inequity in educational opportunities

We may make mistakes along the way but know that we will lean on our core values and the council of our internal and external resources to guide us.